Top 10 Water Parks in Southern California

Top 10 water parks in Southern California:

There are various water parks in Southern California, so we went out and found the top 10 water parks for you listed by popularity and reviews. Although Southern California gets a lot of sunshine during winter, most of the water parts are closed during the winter seasons and reopen during spring (check park website for more details).

Water Parks in Southern California, Raging Waters

Raging Waters (San Dimas, CA)

This is one the largest water park in Southern California. It has dozens of rides built on a 50+ acre of land. In addition, it has a sandy beach area, a Kids Kingdom for the little ones, thrilling rides, and a lot of eateries. Its 35+ water slides makes it a popular attraction for those seeking fun! Rides include: Bermuda Triangle, Dark Hole, Dragon’s Den, Drop out, Ragin’ Racer, Thunder Rapids, etc. This is something that families and friends can enjoy.


Water Parks in Southern California, Hurricane Harbor

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (Valencia, CA)

This would definitely be on the top 5 lists of water parks in Southern California. It has the perfect combination of family, kids, and thrill rides! The rides include: Bamboo Racer, Lizard Lagoon, Splash Island, Lightning Falls, Taboo Tower, Tornado, etc. There is something here for everyone. Within the park, they offer American, Italian, and healthy food. In addition, you might get a discount if you order your tickets online.


Water Parks in Southern California, Aquatica San Diego

Aquatica San Diego (Chula Vista, CA)

Aquatica San Diego is a SeaWorld owned park. It features a 43,000 square feet beach with a large wave pool. There are lush greens throughout the waterpark containing more than 20,000 plants. In addition to that, you can see pink flamingos or freshwater turtles roaming around in some area of the park. This water park in Southern California has more than 18 waterslides (not including the smaller slides). It also includes a huge play area for older kids to climb around. The park is huge and is fun for all ages!


Water Parks in Southern California, Knott's Soak City

Knott’s Soak City (Buena Park, CA)

Knott’s Berry Farm goes hand in hand with Knott’s Soak City. It is consider on the best water parks in Southern California. Rides include: Banzai Falls, Gremmie Lagoon, Laguna Storm Watch Tower, Sunset River, Tidal Wave Bay, etc. They have ride for all ages. If you are there just wanting to relax, there are private cabana rentals with waitress/waiter services.


Water Parks in Southern California, Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park (Carlsbad, CA)

Legos in water? Yes, enjoy ten million gallons of fun at Legoland Water Park. You can actually build huge blocks of Legos here. This is definitely a place where anyone can have fun. They have rides like: Build-A-Raft River, Cragger’s Swamp, Eglor’s Build-A-Boat, Imagination Station, Splash Out, etc. Legoland did a fabulous job integrating the theme environment and water activities together. Families will never forget about this park.


Water Parks in Southern California, Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge (Garden Grove, CA)

Great Wolf Lodge is the only indoor water park resort in Southern California. It is open year-round, indoors, so you do not have to worry about rainy days or cold winters. With 105,000 square feet of indoor space, they have rides such as: Howlin’ Tornado, Coyote Cannon, Wolf Tail, Alberta Falls, Wolf Rider Wipeout, etc. In addition, they have cool cabana rentals for indoors and outdoors. For this park, if you book early, you will enjoy a great discount. Great Wolf Lodge is more than just a water park. It offers many water-free attractions, activities, and suites. This is a perfect weekend or weekday vacation for families!


Water Parks in Southern California, Splash Kingdom

Splash Kingdom Waterpark (Redlands, CA)

Splash Kingdom Waterpark is the largest water park in the Inland Empire. It is base on an Egyptian-beach theme. The park has rides, slides, waves, pools, and rivers. It is perfect or kids and teens. Besides being a waterpark, it is also a trampoline park and an amphitheater. After cooling down at the waterpark, you can hop on to the trampoline park or hang out at the sports lounge.


Water Parks in Southern California, Wet n Wild

Wet ‘N’ Wild Palm Springs (Palm Springs, CA)

This park is a perfect place for kids. If you live near Palm Springs, then a season pass is recommended. During the blazing summer heat, this park is an ideal place since Palm Springs does not have a lot of water activities. It can get crowed during the summer time but you can always leave and come back with the season pass. The service at the park is not the best, but you don’t really need the service since you are there enjoying the water.


Water Parks in Southern California, Dry Town Water Park

Dry Town Water Park (Palmdale, CA)

Dry Town Water Park is one of the most affordable and kid-friendly water parks in Southern California. The rides are gears toward kids but adults can still have fun and participate in high-speed races. If you just want to relax, then there are cabana rentals for the family. Whatever you do here, you’ll have a fun time with friends and family.


Water Parks in Southern California, Splash! La Mirada

Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center (La Mirada, CA)

As the name implies, it is an aquatic center, not a huge fancy water park. It made it on the top 10 list because of the positive reviews and the fun activities it offer. This place does offer water slides, flowing river channel, an interactive play structure and more. In addition, it offers swim lessons for all ages, year-round, any level. This Aquatic Center holds many special events and it is ideal for parties and kids!


If you live in Southern California or just visiting this summer, check out the water parks! You can stay cool and have fun at the same time!


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